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IRB - Human Participants Forms and Templates

Please submit your application and related materials as attachments to the email addresses listed below.

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New Protocol Application - Form and guidance for all new studies. Submit to

Exemption Application - This form is no longer in use. For all new studies, use the New Protocol Application Form, linked above.

Amendment Application - Form to request approval of changes to an approved protocol. Submit to:

Renewal Application - Forms to report on the progress and to secure continuing approval of protocols requiring IRB review. Submit to

Authorization Agreements - If you are collaborating with another institution(s) on a project and wish to avoid duplicate review, an IRB Authorization Agreement may be arranged to establish one IRB as the designated IRB to review and approve the research. Please contact the IRB Office - P: 607.255-6182 - to discuss the conditions under which an Authorization Agreement may be an option for your project.

Program Development Approval - is an administrative approval granted by IRB staff so that the Principal Investigator can develop research design methods and materials. Submit to

Request for Research as Class Instruction and Training Programs - Starting in October, 2015 the IRB will no longer require that faculty/instructors submit an application form to the IRB office for class projects that require students to perform research using human participants, so long as the research is not used in any publication or presentation of generalizable results. Research conducted without any intention of using the results for something outside of class assignment purposes is not considered research with human participants under the IRB rules and no application to the Cornell IRB office is needed. Learn More

Project Closure - Upon final completion of a research project, a closure form must be submitted to the IRB. Submit to

Unexpected Event Report - Unexpected events occurring during the conduct of research projects must be reported to the IRB using the Unexpected Event Report Form. Submit to


Consent Templates - Templates/Samples of: Consent Forms, Parental Permission Form, Assent Form, Performance Agreement & Release. Submit to

Debriefing Template - Guidance and template for a written signed debriefing script for studies involving deception or incomplete disclosure

Certificates of Confidentiality - Available for all studies, not just NIH funded studies

Confidentiality Agreement - For investigators doing research with coded secondary data (existing datasets or human biological specimens)

Guides and Templates for Specific Biomedical Procedures - Standard, editable SOPs and consent forms for commonly used biomedical procedures like venipuncture (blood collection). Guidance and templates for other common biomedical procedures will be added as they are developed and approved by the IRB