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IRB - Human Participants Submission Requirements

Application Deadline & Schedule of IRB Meetings

IRB submission deadlines (for full committee review) and a listing of IRB meeting dates.

Decision Tree

Researchers may use this decision tree for assistance in determining if an activity does not require IRB review.


Categories of "Exemptions" from IRB review. ORIA is responsible for making a determination of "exemption" from applicable regulations. Researchers must submit the Request for Exemption from IRB Review Form to ORIA and cannot make a determination of exemption for their own studies.

Expedited Review

Examples of activities that qualify for Expedited Review. The IRB chair or designee may review and give expedited approval to these protocols. Researchers must submit the Initial Approval Request for expedited IRB review.

Full Committee Review

Examples of the type of activities requiring approval by the full committee at a scheduled meeting. Renewals and continuations also require full committee approval. Researchers must submit the Initial Approval Request for full committee IRB review.